School Mission Work!
I am in charge for the schools in Coimbatore, Salem, Yercaud, Hosur and Krishnagiri. The schools' that I cover under English work in Coimbatore are Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Nirmala Matriculation School. In Salem the work takes place in Cluny School, Holy Angles School, St Joseph's of Cluny school. In Yercaud it happens in Sacred Heart School (SHY). In Hosur it is Christ Matriculation School and in Krishnagiri it is Trinity School.
In some schools we've been going there for mission weeks for many years and the children relate with us very well. They have grown up watching our meetings and the know exactly what we are saying and they can relate with us well and they came back with personal questions or doubts that bother them and for many sincere students it is a time of great decision making in their lives.
I am really excited to be a part of the team that impacts the life of the kids, teens in making real good
decisions in this complex and challenging life that they are facing every day.
Vacation Bible Schools: (VBS)
The VBS is the most challenging season of the whole year. We have got many openings to run VBS in the schools and Churches. We will be stacked up with programmes and since the college semesters overlap during the same time we run out of volunteers, but praise god for some volunteers who were able to take a break from their work schedule to help us in VBS. Adding on this happens in the summer months the climate is HOT and the temperature is unbearable , the unexpected long power cuts adding on to the challenges of the VBS. Long travels with heavy lugages form another part of the challenge in VBS ministry. More ...
Church Progammes:
I Help the Churches by helping them in their respective Sunday schools when there is a need to preach in the Sunday school worship times as in CSI Immanuel Church, St Marks Church Podanur Also helping the churches in conducting the Sunday school picnic trips as in All Souls Church Coimbatore.
Under Maintanance
Under Maintanance